About the Artist

I am Kendra Burchett, owner of KB The Visionary LLC. I am a born and raised native of Memphis, TN. I like to call myself a hypercreative due to my ability to express my artistic gifts in many ways. I am known for being a body painter but in truth, I love to put my signature linework and designs on absolutely everything. 

I have been creative since a small child, always with my head in a coloring book. I take inspiration from the world around me, always wanting to make it more beautiful with designs that I see in my head. I realized I have a natural instinct to design and in that, I found another layer of passion for art. My linework is my artistic identity. I can create thousands of pieces and each will be different from the one before. I'm so proud of that. I know how it feels to want to stand out. My pieces are for people who don't want to follow the crowd. I was once just a girl in my room, drawing on my clothes. I am now a business owner taking the world by storm with my creations. That humbles me in a way I can't describe. I'm grateful for every customer. This journey is the ride of my life and my customers are on that journey with me.